25th August 2017 // issue #212
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you can bank on it
It's been a long time since the last bank holiday. You've probably forgotten how they work. Here's how it'll probably pan out:
bank holidays
world water week
go with the flow
World Water Week is back with a (small) splash this Sunday and we'll be celebrating by taking shorter showers, fixing dripping taps and sticking our tongues out when it rains. We've been committed to saving water for a while now, which has included working with our Spanish farmers on a project to reduce the amount of water used to grow the strawberries that go into our smoothies. The project has been so successful that we're now sharing the findings with other farmers in the region and have even managed to bag ourselves a snazzy trophy along the way. Water result.
drinkers of the week
We've been following Rammi on Twitter for a good few years now. Rammi is an all-round excellent, and very funny, human. But one thing Rammi isn't very good at is online grocery shopping. A few months back, Rammi made a Tesco order and couldn't remember what she'd bought (for completely innocent and non-alcohol related reasons). When the shopping arrived, it turned out she'd accidentally ordered 40 cartons of our coconut water. Which is a lot. Enough to teach her a lesson, you'd think. Except last week the exact same thing HAPPENED AGAIN. If anyone wants to buy any coconut water, contact Rammi. We reckon she's looking to sell.
coffee chaos
inside Fruit Towers
An office needs a few things to run smoothly. Desks, toilets, people. And, most importantly, coffee. We almost had a riot on our hands this week when we somehow managed to lose three boxes of coffee beans somewhere in the office. We searched the entire building. Nothing. We pulled people into meeting rooms and accused them of stealing the coffee. Nothing. Just as we were losing all hope of getting any work done, we found the coffee neatly stacked up in the position we'd left it in after it'd been delivered. We're not sure how it happened. We don't blame ourselves. We've got a latte on our plates right now.
and finally
one billion trees very old fruitcake baby's first rain
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