20th October 2017 // issue #216
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we officially appreciate sloths
Some weeks, the smoothies sell themselves and we have to find something else to talk about. Luckily for us, today is international sloth appreciation day. And if there�s one thing we�re known for aside from making tasty fruit-based drinks, it�s sloth enthusiasm. After all, they spend their lives how we spend most bank holidays: horizontal and not moving for up to 16 hours a day. They only come down from their tree homes for a bit of breast stroke or to perform their I'm-currently-relieving-myself dance. Some people have told us they find them a bit creepy. We have no idea why. No idea at all.
our June
our June
If you've seen our ad, you will have been exposed to the legend that is June. June lives just round the corner from Fruit Towers and knits loads of hats for the Big Knit every year. When we went to chat to her, she explained how loneliness had crept in after her husband passed away. They'd been together since she was 13 and he was 15. The money raised from the Big Knit goes towards activities at local Age UK centres where June can meet up with friends if she's ever feeling lonely. If you've bought a behatted smoothie this year, thank you. We couldn't have done it without you.
drinker of the week
Felicity's son Dominic loves our smoothies (he's only human). Felicity gave him one to keep him quiet in the car while she talked to a friend on the phone and, when she turned around, he was wearing as much as he drank. Felicity informed us that the photo doesn't do justice to the devastation caused by one smoothie. She's still finding sticky spots now. Which is handy for keeping Dominic stuck to his car seat and out of trouble. It's like we planned it all along.
Cheese club
inside Fruit Towers
We have a lot of clubs here at innocent. There's netball club, for people who like playing netball. There's climbing club, for people who like climbing stuff. And most popular of all, there's cheese club, for people who like eating a lot of cheese. It's pretty simple really, every few months we meet up at lunch time, try four different cheeses and then vote to decide which is our favourite. This time a goat's milk gouda came out on top, and a whopping 11.4kg of cheese was consumed in the name of �research�. Lunchtimes don't get much better than that.
and finally
Hogwarts train rescue bionic lighting avocado art
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