28th July 2017 // issue #210
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Ninja the cat
the story of the cat in our bins
When we came into work on Monday, we found a worried email from a lady called Jade. She and her partner were walking past Fruit Towers on Saturday morning when they heard a faint meowing coming from the bins in our car park. After pressing the buzzer and getting no answer, Jade's partner decided to climb over our (really high) wall to rescue the unlucky cat who had managed to get himself stuck. They whisked him straight off to the RSPCA to check his chip and a couple of days (and some quality bonding time with his rescuers) later, Ninja the cat was reunited with his owners. Jade had originally messaged us because she was worried we'd spot the rescue operation on our CCTV and think our office was being infiltrated by a couple of master criminals. Jade, although you're technically a cat burglar, you're also a hero.
Big Knit
hat's a wrap
[TURNS ON BIG KNIT DEADLINE KLAXON] The deadline for your little woolly hats is only a few days away so it's time to cast off your stitches, sew up your seams and do whatever it is you do with a crochet hook before popping your knitted masterpieces in the post or handing them in at your local Age UK centre. Remember, 25p from each behatted smoothie goes straight to Age UK to keep older people warm and well this winter, so every hat counts [RECEIVES NOISE COMPLAINT, TURNS OFF KLAXON].
new TFL map
we're not moles
Moles like being underground. They've got tiny eyes and weird star-shaped noses that help them feel about in the dark. Humans haven't got either of those things so being underground doesn't come naturally to us. Unfortunately, the easiest way of getting about in London is through a series of tunnels, which can make some people feel anxious and claustrophobic. To help them travel more comfortably, TFL have released a map of the Underground that specifically highlights routes people can take to stay above ground for as long as possible. We dig it.
HMS Unicorn
drinker of the week
When you hold a desert island themed fancy dress party, you assume most people will grab a Hawaiian shirt and stick a flower in their hair. You don't expect a whole team to come dressed as a pirate ship, complete with side cannons and a golden body painted figurehead, but that's exactly what our Contract Management Team decided to do. Sam was asked to dress as 'starboard' so his wife, Mrs Woollet who teaches class Cedar 3 at Highwood Primary School, helped put his costume together. Her class were very disappointed that Sam's bit of the boat didn't win a prize (we forgot to award any) so they made a few themselves. Great mateys, the lot of you.
Chris is a hero
inside Fruit Towers
This week Chris moved from the 3rd floor to the 4th floor and immediately did something magical. He arrived with a box of his stuff, and went to fetch three bowls. When he returned with the bowls, he then pulled from his box of stuff a few bags of sweets. Then he tipped the bags of sweets into the bowls, and placed the bowls on the side. And then he said two words very loudly, so everyone could hear: 'help yourself.' So we did help ourselves. And it was THE BEST DAY. Thanks, Chris. Never leave us.
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