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inside fruit towers

Doing our bit to reduce the impact of climate change isn't just about the big projects we do. Individual actions are really important if we stand any chance of tackling the issues facing our planet. We try to practice what we preach by making Fruit Towers as sustainable as possible.
Fruit Towers got a BREEAM good rating which means that the people who built it made sure that the building fundamentals were good to start with: efficient air circulation, lighting, double glazed windows etc. We've gone to town with a few little flourishes that make it an even better home for us:

  1. The 'last leaver pulls lever' lever – we've fitted a second circuit on every floor which all the non-fundamental things run off and at the end of every day we pull a big lever to shut the whole circuit down. Lou no longer has to nag us to turn our monitors off every night.
  2. the green light that tells us when to open the windows – when the outside temperature is the same as what we’d like indoors, a big green light comes on telling us to open the windows, which then prompts the air con to cut out. Fresh air time.
  3. fsc certified desks; just like our cartons
  4. no photocopier (you don't need one)
  5. the roof terrace with our own little veg patch