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sustainable packaging

Plastic is a topic close to our hearts. We understand its impact and have been pioneering the use of recycled plastic in our bottles since 2003. All our bottles contain 30% or more recycled plastic. All of our packaging is also fully recyclable.

Read all about how we're taking responsibility for our packaging at innocent here.

There are two main issues with plastics. The first is the dependence on fossil fuels to make them in the first place, which is why we are starting to work with plant-based plastics. The second issue is that we (mankind) aren’t putting a value on this useful material. Instead, we’re throwing plastic away, or worse, some of us are littering it across our planet. We all need to recycle plastic packaging and in turn companies need to commit to buying recycled plastic back again. Please help us to support this circular economy for plastic packaging, by always recycling your innocent bottle after you’ve enjoyed your drink.

Our current focus is launching a new bottle made out of both recycled and plant-based plastic. This is in fact just one element of a larger plastics project here at innocent. You will be hearing a lot more from us on this topic really soon, it’s a biggie.