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getting everyone involved in sustainability

One of the innocent values is to be responsible and we expect all our employees to live the values every day. Being responsible to us means not being lame, and leaving things better than you find them. That might mean washing up a dirty cup in the sink, using the right recycling bin or taking the stairs rather than the lift. We provide everyone with recycled notepads, bike racks, showers, re-usable cutlery and crockery to name a few things.

We take a unique approach to getting our employees involved in sustainability. As part of our 2020 sustainability strategy, we’ve asked that every single person in the company have a sustainability ‘role’ as part of their job description, there are four to choose from. This is along with a specific objective that they’ll deliver each year. That way, the people running our business are always thinking about sustainability too.

how to be an agitator:

Always be on the lookout for how to do things better. Be creative, come up with ideas to change how your team (or the company) could work more sustainably. Don't be afraid to question unsustainable behaviours, think of ways that leave things better than we find them.

how to be an activator:

Be responsible for delivering an element of the strategy. Think about everything you do with a sustainability lens. Don't ask, just go for it. Take actions that help us meet our goals.

how to be a protector:

Be responsible for guarding one or more of our commitments. Directly support our sustainability strategy through your role. Hold your team and others across the business accountable for their decisions and the sustainability impacts associated with them.

how to be an ambassador:

Be responsible for sharing our strategy and ambitions with others. Inspire wider change with our customers, suppliers and drinkers (and beyond, by looking for opportunities to share our sustainability stories more widely than our immediate connections). Use our work on sustainability to show others that innocent is a business we should all be proud of.