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minimum standards for farms

We learn as much as we can about our ingredients. How they are grown, the challenges for our suppliers and how we can help them. We like to get up close and personal with all our suppliers – we all know there’s no substitute for a face-to-face chat so we have a programme of regular meetings that involve innocent team members, independent auditors and global sustainability organisations, working out how to get the best fruit while looking out for people and the planet.

Since we developed our innocent sustainability standards, the number of brands and retailers using standards, certification schemes and labelling schemes has multiplied to the point where the burden on some suppliers is too great. To help address this, we teamed up with the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform and more than a hundred other brands that are also involved in and committing to meeting the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) standard. We have developed three pathways with our suppliers, which allow them to meet the FSA Standard through implementation, equivalency with other formally approved standards such as Rainforest Alliance, or a sustainability-driven project.  If you get as fired up about sustainability standards in agriculture as we do, you can read more about the initiative here.