valentines day

valentines day label generator

Strawberries are red
Bananas aren’t blue
But we hope our smoothie labels
Work wonders for you

We’re a bit sick of Valentine’s Day cards. Not everyone’s a fan of Cupid’s arrows flying across the page or doe-eyed teddies holding shiny hearts hopefully.

If you agree and you’d like to do something a bit special this year, pop over to from Wednesday 1st February and personalise your own smoothie label for the object of your affection.

Unleash your inner Casanova and pen your declarations of love (or pinch one of the ones we’ve already written), print the label out and stick it onto a smoothie bottle. Then just give it to the one that you like and get your breath minty fresh while you wait for the inevitable.

If you’ve got any questions, or want to chat about sonnets, please drop Clemmie a line at or ring 0203 235 0509