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inclusion and diversity

Whether you’re applying for a job here, or you already work here, we want you to feel included, valued, and most of all equal.

We want to give everyone a fair chance, but we know that society sadly currently doesn’t work like that. Not everyone has been given the same opportunities and the same chances – and often this is because of factors such as their race, gender, sexuality, class, or disabilities.

We don’t want that to happen at innocent. We’ve realised that we need to do more to bring people from different backgrounds into our business and support them within it, and we’re actively working on improving this.

With our inclusion and diversity work, we want to make sure everyone has a level playing field and the best chance to succeed. As such we’re regularly tweaking and improving our plans - you can read our latest ones here:


what we're doing about inclusion & diversity  


You can also read more about our inclusion and diversity plans in our good all round report here (page 39).

*At the moment, we’re working on a brand new website with it's own proper section on inclusion & diversity. When that goes live, we’ll be able to share much more about the work we’re doing, so watch this space.