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gender pay gap report 2018

innocent was founded back in 1999, by three friends who met at university. Ever since then we’ve been on a quest to make natural, delicious, healthy drinks that help people live well and die old. We’ve come a long way since we started out selling a few smoothies at a music festival, with our drinks now sold in countries all across Europe.

We have great ambitions: to show the world that you can build a successful business that cares about more than just profit, and to leave things better than we find them. To get there, we need to keep making innocent a great place to work and getting it right on gender pay is an important part of that.

Since our last gender pay report, we have grown from 450 to nearly 500 people working across Europe. Just over half of our people are based at Fruit Towers in London (our headquarters). This is our report for gender pay data for everyone based in the UK.

our results

gender pay gap 2018

behind the numbers

Since our last report we have seen small changes in our numbers. Our gender pay gap is 9.8% vs the national average of 17.9%. Whilst we are pleased to be below the national average, our gender pay gap has increased slightly since the last report (9.1% in 2017).

The main driver of the fixed pay gap continues to be that we have more men than women at the top. In the last 12 months, the make-up of the top two levels of the company in the UK hasn’t shifted. 33% of our board team in the UK and 36% of our heads of department are women. We knew shifting the top two levels would take time but the good news is that women continue to make up half of our next level of leaders. Our focus is therefore on a combination of succession planning and leadership development which will ensure our females leaders are all set up to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

The bonus pay gap of 24% is driven by the teams with the highest proportion of bonus to salary being the teams with the highest proportion of men – our Board and commercial team. We have improved this measure by 4% since the last report but there is much more to do. Our focus here continues to be looking at how we can encourage more women into our commercial team. Plus, the increased focus on succession planning for our top two levels will shift the balance on both fixed pay and bonus.

In the last report we talked about our Future of Work project where we bring together a group of people from across the business to help us search for things that are working brilliant elsewhere and recommending how we could do things differently. This project is now fully underway and we’ve already implemented some of the ideas:

 • Our talent development programme, “Your Future”, has become much more focused on the action plans and support our people need to achieve their career goals.

• We have expanded our succession planning to cover every role in the business, whatever the level. These changes mean one in two roles are now filled by our existing people instead of external hires.

• We have introduced “Spring Roles”, innocent’s own version of agile working which gives our people the opportunity to get development stretch in a short-term role outside their team.

We continue to think about the way we hire and promote our people:

• We’ve implemented shortlists for external hires that are balanced between men and women. 

• We’re rolling out unconscious bias training for all managers to make sure we are considering diversity and inclusion in all our hiring and promotion decisions.

Increasing flexible working take up by both men and women is also important: 

• We’ve rolled out “innocent empowered”, a big investment into our IT which is having a positive impact on the flexibility of how and where people can work.

• We’re also looking for even more ways to improve flexibility options for all of our employees.  For example we are pleased to have our first job share and are starting to see a shift in more men taking career breaks and working part time.

As always, there is lots more to do and we’ll continue working hard to make innocent a great place to work whilst delivering on our mission to make natural, delicious food and drinks that help people live well and die old.

2017 gender pay gap report