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gender pay gap report

innocent was founded back in 1999, by three friends who met at university. Ever since then we’ve been on a quest to make natural, delicious, healthy drinks that help people live well and die old. We’ve come a long way since we started out selling a few smoothies at a music festival, with our drinks now sold in countries all across Europe.

We have great ambitions: to show the world that you can build a successful business that cares about more than just profit, and to leave things better than we find them. To get there, we need to keep making innocent a great place to work and getting it right on gender pay is an important part of that. We’re proud of everything we’ve done in the last couple of years on things like getting better at succession planning and improving career development. There’s a lot more still to do. That’s why we’re working with everyone across the business on what the Future of Work looks like.

These days there are 450 people working for innocent across Europe, with just over 250 of us at Fruit Towers in London (our headquarters). This is our report on the gender pay data for everyone based in the UK.

our results

behind the numbers

We were pleased to see our gender pay gap is half the national average and we wanted to find out how we could improve it even further, so we dug into the data. One of the main drivers of the fixed pay gap is that we have more men than women at the top (seven out of nine of our Board Directors are men). The good news is that women make up almost half of our next level of leaders and 44% of our managers overall so we are set up for the balance at the top to shift over time.

The bonus pay gap is driven by the teams with the highest proportion of bonus to salary being the teams with the highest proportion of men – our Board and commercial team. Rather than just change our bonus scheme design, we are looking instead at how we can encourage more women into our commercial team. The succession planning for our Board that will shift the balance on fixed pay will also help here.

Lastly, we noticed that our success at encouraging flexible working had also had an impact on our bonus pay gap. Everyone who works here part-time is a woman and whilst this hasn’t always been the case, we know that at the moment, men are much less likely to take us up on the offer of flexible working. This is one of the key areas we are looking into as part of our Future of Work project - bringing together a group of people from across the business who are searching for things that work brilliantly elsewhere and recommending to our Board how we could do things differently.

We want to make sure that the way we bring people into innocent is helping too. We are working with everyone who adds someone to the team (our managers, internal recruiters and external recruitment partners) to make sure they put our focus on diversity and inclusion into practice – whether that be on gender, ethnicity or any other aspect of diversity.

leaving things better than we find them

The world of work has come a long way, and we want to do our bit to make a difference to the future of it. That’s why we’re looking into all of the ways we can take down some of the barriers to men and women pursuing the careers they want and deserve. We were chuffed to come third in the Sunday Times Best Companies 100 in February and are really proud that our internal engagement scores are the highest they’ve ever been. We want to keep it that way. So we’ll be working hard to make innocent a great place to work as we continue on our mission to help people live well and die old.