welcome to the innocent family

We were wondering if you'd like to join the innocent family. Don't worry - it's not some weird cult. It's just our way of staying in touch with the people who drink our drinks i.e. you. We'll email you our news once a week and give you the chance to win lots of drinks. We'll also invite you to any nice events we might hold and maybe send you the odd present if you're lucky. Finally, we'll ask you what you reckon we should do next now and again, as we sometimes get confused.

So this is the bit where we get a few more details. You know, inside leg, favourite chewing gum flavour, whether you like your fish steamed or grilled.

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the innocent AGM

We've always liked to know what you think of the stuff we make. That's why we ask you to call the banana phone, drop us an email, or pop into Fruit Towers. It's good to have a chat and even better to hear what you think we should do next, or could do better. So each year, we hold our very own AGM (A Grown-up Meeting) where 150 of you get to come in, ask some questions, learn a bit more about our business, make and taste some new stuff in our kitchen, and eat a lot of cake.

watch more videos of the AGM and see all your questions answered here

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  • Sorry if this seems a bit nosy. By law, we have to ask for your date of birth to check that you're over 12 years old. If you're 12 or under, please ask a parent or guardian to do this bit for you. Thanks very much.