banana phone

banana phone

020 7993 3311

for letters (or nice parcels)

for letters (or nice parcels)

innocent drinks

Fruit Towers

Canal Building

342 Ladbroke Grove

London W10 5BU

(The entry gate is on Kensal Road. Just in case you thought you had to scale the fence.)


We’re closed on evenings, weekends and public holidays. If a 9-5 is good enough for Dolly, it’s good enough for us.

map & directions

map & directions

click for map

buses: 6, 18, 23, 28, 52, 70,
187, 228, 295, 316, 452 .......... We’re gutted to say we’re not doing tours for a little while as a safety measure to do with the coronavirus. We’d love to have you over once things have settled down, and we’ll let you know here as soon as they’re back.

tube: ladbroke grove or
kensal green