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what we’re about

When we're old and grey, we want to be able to look back and be really proud of the business we helped create. We think the best way to achieve this is by living the values that are closest to our hearts. Our five values reflect what we are, how we do things, and where we want to be. They hang above every loo in the building so we get to look at them every day.

what we’re looking for

We take hiring the right people pretty seriously. People who do really well at innocent tend to have strengths in some specific areas and those qualities are what we look for at every stage of our recruitment process. From your CV through to the final meeting with one of our Chief Squeezers, it's all about showing that you've got what it takes in spades.

what you'll learn

We’re open when opportunities come up and have an internal jobs board where people can check out new roles they might be interested in. Lots of our roles are filled by internal candidates and we want to keep that number really high, with even more people moving between teams and regions.


top notch training

We have a core program of in-house training to support your development whatever stage you’re at in your career. The courses are all about building your leadership skills and emotional intelligence so you have everything you need to take the next step.


pot of gold

Every team has their own budget to put towards job-specific training so you’re building the skills that pay the bills.


don’t stop developing

We’re big believers in people driving their own development. So, whether you know what you want to do in five years or don’t have a monkeys, there are loads of ways you can explore your options.

what you'll get

Before you decide to work somewhere new, you want to know a bit more about the company. Just the essentials, like if there’s a working coffee machine and where they stand on bringing your dog to work*. To show off our best bits, we’ve put together a list of all the good stuff you’ll get when you join us.

*we’re working on it

the usual stuff

a competitive salary, pension plan, private healthcare and a bonus at every level


flexible working

we’re open to anything if it works for you, the team and the wider business


free breakfast

you might even find an avocado if you get in early enough


healthy stuff

yoga club, subsidised massages, sabbaticals, mental health resources and a free on-site gym


company get togethers

we get together four times a year to talk about the business, followed by a weekend away in summer and a great big party at Christmas


foundation scholarships

each year three people get an extra week's holiday to work with one of our not-for-profit foundation projects


innocent scholarships

we give away three innocent scholarships every quarter, each worth £1,000, to help a few people do something they've always dreamed of


services to fruit

the most amazing person of the month - they get a top hat or tiara and a special treat of their choice


loads of free drinks