a really green switch

what we're doing more widely

Welcome to the page with all the fancy words and exciting numbers on it. If you’re into that kind of thing, pour yourself a nice cup of tea – it’s about to get scientifical.

how we're tackling our carbon emissions

a short interlude: what’s the difference between carbon neutral and net zero?

so, any burning questions?

what does ‘100% carbon neutral orange juice’ mean?

what does offsetting mean?

why only orange juice?

which projects do you support, to help with going carbon neutral?

how are your local projects helping tackle climate change?

I’m interested in offsetting, can I make a donation to your projects too?

how does rewilding the planet help you become carbon neutral by 2025?

how does rewilding the planet help to reduce CO2 emissions?

how come you use plastic bottles but talk about carbon free emissions?

how do you choose the projects that offset your emissions?

is this the longest webpage you've been on in a while?

is it over now?

do I get a medal for reaching the end?

do I get a medal for getting involved in rewilding?