a really green switch

what's it all about?

At innocent we're dreamers. But for every small dream (fingers crossed for no queue at the coffee shop on Monday morning), we have much bigger ones too. Big important dreams to make this world a better place, even just a little bit.

how is our orange juice carbon neutral?

here’s a bit more about our offsetting projects

Guanaré Forest Restoration

Envira Amazonia Tropical Forest Conservation

Vaupés Forest Protection

“yes, but you still haven’t told me exactly what rewilding is”

why are we doing this again?

our carbon milestones in a handy timeline

We're committing to help protect and restore 2 million hectares of land by 2025. That's a lot. Probably a few football fields at least.

our Big Rewild map

Here's a map of all the rewilding projects we're working on in Europe, and all our carbon action projects in the rest of the world. Click on each pin to find out what we're up to.