Welcome to the innocent webnews // 14th August 2015 // issue #139
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the Lefortrium
leftie love
Left handed people make up 5% - 10% of the population, but is anyone looking out for them? Having to put up with right-handed gadgets, a permanently ink-smudged writing hand and the incorrect assumption that they're going to die early must be a bit of a drag. So we're making a stand and celebrating International Left Handers Day with the promise that our drinks are equal opportunity refreshments for people of all directional inclinations. Whether you're left-handed, right-handed or ambidextrous (although that's just showing off), a smoothie bottle will always feel good in your hand. Always. Now if you'll excuse us, we have some left-handed high fives to dish out.
flying ants
the flying ants cometh
Over the past few weeks, flying ants have been causing havoc as they terrorise people in their homes, ride the London Underground and destroy the picnics of everyone out and about in North Wales. But it turns out that male ants aren't having a great time of it either - after mating, the females drop to the ground to start a new nest but the males are killed instantly from the force of their own genitals exploding. Yep, that's right. Exploding ant genitals. Happy Friday, everyone.
sustainable strawberries
strawberry sourcing
In Britain, the strawberry season is sadly coming to an end. However, in Southern Spain, where we source ours (for drinks like these) they're plump, juicy and ripe for the picking. So, our fruit team headed out there in April to visit our growers and make sure that only the tastiest and most sustainable strawberries make it into our drinks. You can read all about how they got on, and a bit more about the process, over on our blog here.
Maria and the stapler
drinker of the week
We've taken the 4th floor stapler on a few outings recently – so far it's visited Cambridge, an inner city London farm and, um, the second floor. And it seems that its international celebrity status is growing because when Maria spotted us positioning it outside the Ritz last week she asked if she could get a photo. We were chuffed, but, since then, it's started refusing to staple any documents which aren't 'business critical' and won't sit on the desk with the unbranded hole punch. Diva.
Rio, Roi, Roy
inside fruit towers
This is Rio. SHE's been working at innocent for 5 years now. SHE looks after our customer service here, so SHE speaks to our drinkers all the time, but it's usually over email or by letter rather than in person. Trouble is, lots of people see the name 'Rio' and assume that SHE's a man. But SHE's not. Over the years she's been called a "nice chap", a "great guy" and more recently, "Roy". So we just wanted you to know that she's a woman, in case you ever speak to her. If you want to keep calling her Roy, though – definitely do. It's quite funny.
and finally
space lettuce   upcycled fruit bags   science of hangry
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