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Making light of a situation
Why is there a light in the fridge but not in the freezer? Surely we need to see the frozen puff pastry just as much as the mayonnaise. Who is responsible for this chilled illumination oversight? Whilst you ponder the culprit, here’s the rest of this week’s news.
inside fruit towers
Vicki deliberated over gold wedding shoes, Delia adopted a squirrel named Raoul, Joleon Lescott paid us a compliment, Tim and David built a shed indoors, Kat became less wise, a bowl of jelly sat in the fridge for a week, Jojo got Ryvita in her eye and Giles was spotted wearing ladies biker jacket.
corner of the week
The naughty corner. Go on, go and stand in the corner. Think about what you’ve done. Think really hard. Then get distracted. Think about something else. Maybe think about why glue doesn’t stick to the inside of the bottle or if penguins have knees.
  corner of the week  
But still look sorry. There is a direct link between tears and time spent in the naughty corner. Maybe throw in a lip wobble to seal the deal.
Remember these?
The savoury members of our innocent family are about to have their moment. Veg pots are the perfect antidote to cold, rain, puddles and runny noses. Plus everyone knows that soup is so 2011. Need we say anymore? No, not really, but we will. Be sure to check out your veg pot sleeve next time you buy one. It’s a free treat that won’t make your jeans tight. Like a healthy, adult appropriate Kinder Egg.
Remember these?
The Big Knit’s back
The Big Knit’s back
We’ve been banging on about it for long enough so by now you should know that our hat-topped bottles are back in Sainsbury’s stores. Each bottle will help older people stay warm this winter as for every behatted smoothie sold, 25p goes to Age UK. What’s more, our fashion forward smoothies are looking damn good doing it – in trendy chunky knits and retro prints. Check them out here
Hungry for Christmas?
Hungry for Christmas?
Obey your master. Give up the fight and listen to your stomach. Our Hungry? recipe book now comes in fancy paper back. At Christmas it’s more of a survival guide to ensure you’re better equipped to deal with untouched sprouts and shredded cabbage. Keep your eyes peeled for it whilst you’re out shopping for presents. It’s the book with the avocado driving a car on the cover. Obviously.
and finally
Feel tiny. Like
a Borrower

(High five to Danny for this link)
is the key
Stop frowning or you'll increase your glabella
Send your Christmas lists
to Santa NOW
and finally finally  
Only time for one click this week? Vintage Jerry the Sausage dog. Still great, 65th time round.
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