innocent fruit and veg juice FAQs


How are your Fruit & Veg juices made?

These innocent juices are a blend of fruit and veg juices with some ginger. And they've been cold pressed: made under high pressure at cold temperatures, to give you the delicious, fresh taste of natural fruit and veg. These juices naturally separate so give them a little shake to enjoy them at their best.

We squeeze and press the best tasting fruit and veg to extract the fresh juice, then bottle it straight away. The bottles are pressurised at cold temperatures using High Pressure Processing, or HPP, which means that you can safely enjoy all the fresh taste and nutritional goodness of our delicious ingredients.

What's so good about HPP?

We think both pasteurisation and HPP are great ways to make delicious, healthy juices and smoothies. Using the HPP process means the ingredients are not exposed to any heat. It means that we can use sensitive ingredients such as cucumber and spinach, whose colour, taste and texture would change significantly if they were exposed to any heat. We hope you'll agree that our cold pressed juices have a lovely, vibrant colour and fresh taste, just like the fruit and veg we use to make them, and happily they retain all the same great nutritional benefits as all of our other fruit juices.

Do your cold pressed juices contribute to my 5-a-day?

Yes, a 150ml glass of any of our cold pressed juices is equivalent to 1 of your 5-a-day.

Why does the juice settle on shelf? Why are there lots of bits at the bottom of your bottles?

These juices are cold pressed: made under high pressure at cold temperatures to give you the delicious, fresh taste of natural fruit and veg. The fresh fruit and veg ingredients we use to make these juices naturally settle over time. So please shake the bottle to enjoy it at its best.

innocent fruit and veg juices are a source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.