Welcome to our library. It’s small but well curated. As in there are only 5 and a half books in there. But since we’ve written all of them, we can assure you they’re quite good. Have a look for yourself by clicking on any of the covers below.

  • 140 lunchbox tips in a 140 characters by mums and dads across the land
  • Little Book of Drinks: Juices, Smoothies and Cocktails for Work, Rest and Play
  • innocent smoothie recipe book: 57 and a half recipes from our kitchen to yours
  • innocent - our story and some things we've learned
  • stay healthy, be lazy
stay healthy, be lazy 

stay healthy, be lazy

Are you lazy? Great, that makes two of us. But that shouldn't stop us from being healthy. So we thought we'd write a book for normal people who don't want to go on a drastic detox diet. Instead, by incorporating a few of the simple habits contained in the book (which you can get to grips with in less than a week) you can live a contented, healthy life whilst still having enough time to be lazy and eat the odd plate of chips.

The book is divided into seven sections - one each for water, fruit and veg, a balanced diet, aerobic exercise, resistance exercise, flexibility, and the mind. You can read one section per night before you go to bed, so in a week's time your brain will be full of nice healthy tips, and you'll be ready to detox your body without even noticing.

As you can see from the examples given, the exercise bits are pretty simple, and they're all suitable for people who don't necessarily want to start bench-pressing Shetland ponies for a laugh.

The book ends with a section all about looking after your mind, which is most important if you consider all of the stresses and strains you place on your poor old brain every day. 

how can i make sure i drink 2 litres every day
how can i make sure i drink 2 litres every day stay healthy, be lazy - aerobics stay healthy, be lazy - aerobics stay healthy, be lazy - grow your own stay healthy, be lazy - broccoli stay healthy, be lazy - relax