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Water Savings Time

It’s World Water Day on Sunday, because water doesn’t get enough appreciation for keeping us all alive and clean and that. But it’s so great that we’re all using way too much of it, so we’ve come up with a few small things that you can do to help save the gallons:

10. Are you one of those people who gets accused of stalling when you leave the pans to soak after dinner instead of washing up straight away? Well, it’s actually much better than letting the tap run while you scrape the food off, so pop the telly on and get slacking.

9. Instead of building a swimming pool in your back garden, make the most of the facilities at your local leisure centre. They have floats, too. And the occasional plaster, but just ignore that.

8. Designate your water drinking glass for the day or use a refillable bottle. Saves on washing up. Nice.

7. Cook veg in less water. You don’t want to be known as the person who makes mushy broccoli you don’t have to chew anyway.

6. We have a grassy floor here in fruit towers. Never needs watering. Just saying.

5. Do you really need to wash that? You’ve only worn it once* (*not applicable to pants. Definitely wash those. Or at least turn them inside out).

4. Your chin/armpits/legs would look good with some extra insulation. Try not shaving for a while.

3. If your mind wanders during your shower and they’ve become a bit on the long side, try coming up with a few songs that, once you’ve sung them, you get out. Show tunes work particularly well.

2. Avoid recreational water toys. We’re looking at you Super Soaker.

1. Shower with a friend. Preferably a close friend, but anyone who’s willing will do.