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ever wanted to know who manages our Facebook page?

Super sarah to the rescue

Ssssshhhhh, don't tell anyone.

This is Super Sarah. She came to visit us for the day (her Dad's quite an important chap in Fruit Towers*). When she's not tapping away on her computer or barking orders down the phone at suppliers, she's telling us what she thinks of our office.

"It's not an office," she said, "it's an amusement park." And what Super Sarah says goes. So we're off to throw balls at coconuts - how else are we going to get the milk out?

* He's allowed to ride his scooter around the office

fruit fight

We were having a debate in the kitchen the other day. If all the fruit in the world got a bit lairy and had a scrap, who would win? And who'd be knocked out first round? Unable to agree which fruit was the 'ardest, and which fruit was the weakest, we thought we'd ask the nice folk that follow us on Twitter & Facebook for their opinion.

Here's a selection of some of the things people said.

Warning: these pictures contain a blend of bad jokes and utter nonsense, and don't contribute in any way to your five a day.

Happy Friday.

#fruitfight banter

#fruitfight banter 2

are you digital? then we need you

We're looking for a new Digital Manager. It's pretty much the most exciting job at Fruit Towers - being in charge of how innocent does digital. Building websites, tending to the social media garden, creating campaigns and generally showing us how the future looks.

If it's a job that you like the sound of, have a look at the full description here. And feel free to tell your friends, family and that man who lives next door with the big computer.