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Last week Adam, one of the founders and chief greenskeeper for method products, came over to Fruit Towers to meet our Sustainability Jess. After going home method blogged about their visit so we thought we'd blog them back. Hello method.

We think method are great - they make non-toxic cleaning products made with natural ingredients. Jess and Adam had lots to talk about - method use 100% recycled plastic for their products, just like our bottles, and do great work on carbon reduction, ethical sourcing of the ingredients for their products, and trying to have a positive impact on the world.

We swapped lots of great ideas, and promised to keep in touch in the future, after all four hands are better than two.

a royal visit

We had a special visitor at Fruit Towers yesterday. Prince Andrew came in to see what we do, and he had a good old wander round the place, talking to people, learning the art of making a proper smoothie and politely declining to wear a large woolly hat. Here are some pictures from the visit:

Little hats, by royal appointment.

Lucy puts on her best "I'm 2 feet away from an actual prince" face.

"And this is a tree."

Jess puts the stare on HRH.

"...and then I dropped the crown and my mum grounded me for three weeks."

all the fun of the fair


This is Dominique and Hannah. They just came into Fruit Towers for a visit with their mum Buzz (who runs the great knitting and craft shop All the Fun of the Fair in Kingly Court off London's Carnaby Street).

They brought in some very nice hand knitted fruit for us along with some hand knitted bunting for our longest bunting in the world attempt. We're going to stick the fruit up on our notice board and the bunting up around some trees at our village fete in Regent's Park.

Thanks Dominique, Hannah & Buzz.


Clockwise from 12 o'clock: Pear, Pineapple, Water Melon, Banana, Carrot, Orange.

super jam


Today we met Fraser. He's not even 20 yet, but he's launched a product - Super Jam - that's available in most branches of Waitrose nationwide and in other fine stores closer to his home in Scotland. The deal is that his Super Jam is sugar free, which is unusual for a jam. He's been making jam for ages, but decided a while ago that he'd get serious about it, rather than continuing to make a mess of his parents' kitchen.

It's inspirational and frightening meeting people like Fraser.

Inspirational because it gives us a kick up the backside and helps us remember why we started innocent in the first place - because we wanted to make stuff that made life a little bit better and a little bit easier.

Frightening because we're old enough to be his dad (just).