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celeb spot

A few stars of stage and screen were having their picture taken outside our office today.


Johnny Vegas, Timothy Spall, Paul Whitehouse and Andrew Lincoln are all in the front row. Shirley Henderson is at the back along with that chap who always plays a nice dad on the telly.

We weren't too sure of the names of the other actors but here's another photo in case you do.


Mel and Sam had their photo taken with Paul Whitehouse and then Sam showed him round Fruit Towers. Lovely chap apparently.


And here's one more of Cass and Ginger Sarah with Andrew Lincoln. Swoon.


We'll get back to work now.

fancy coming around to ours for tea?

the innocent AGM


So here's a thing.

On April 26th we're going to have our first ever innocent AGM here at Fruit Towers. There'll be a chance to watch Rich talking about us, have a look around our place, join in on a lively debate and most importantly get involved in voting on what we should be doing next as a business. And enjoy a nice cup of tea and a biscuit hopefully.

If you fancy helping to shape our future you can register for the ballot here.

nice bird


Iona brought her budgie, Tweet, into Dub Towers last week.

After spending a tiring day posing for pictures, perching on various shoulders and dictating important letters, Tweet then got back into her colour coordinated trailer and caught the bus home.

She's no diva, that budgie.

beeing hopeful


Gav spotted three bees outside Fruit Towers this morning. Alyssia, Marie and Emily popped along to take a photo next to our grassy vans for their lower 6th project 'wings of hope'. You can find out more about what they're up to and why they're dressed as bees here if you like.

a frosty visitor



We had a visit from Jack earlier this week. As much as he makes it a lot harder to get out of bed in the morning he's a pretty fellow isn't he.