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a little film about our AGM


Jim (or Fit Jim as he is known to the ladies of Fruit Towers) has made an excellent little film all about our second AGM that we held a couple of weeks ago.

Cake, questions, a bike called Sherbert - it's all captured right here, in full technicolour video format, for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy.

(Sadly there are no close ups of Jim. He's a professional/modest sort of chap like that)

the fat duck vs. innocent

The development team from The Fat Duck came in the other day to see us. They're the people who invent all of the groundbreaking new dishes that eventually make it onto the menu of what is arguably the world's finest restaurant. Our Lucy (Head of Products/Chief Smoothie Inventor) recently spent 3 months working at The Fat Duck, learning lots of foodie tricks and techniques, so she thought she'd invite her new friends over to ours for a day.

"Mmm, dog food"

The highlight of the day was the sensory challenge. Blindfolds were donned (blue for The Fat Duck, pink for us) and a range of weird smelling things were passed around, with points being scored for guessing what the 'thing' was.

"But is it Pal or Winalot Prime?"

"I'm more of a Whiskas girl myself"

We can confirm that dog food, garden herbs and some other tricky items were on the menu, but modesty forbids us from revealing which team won the challenge. That information will remain strictly between us and losers.

a cup of tea and 2 Olympic golds please

Olympic rowing champion, Steve Williams, popped in this afternoon for a cup of tea and a chat with our Sally.

Steve and sally

As well as coordinating his outfit with Think Pink day, he also brought his gold medals along with him.

On closer inspection, my tip for the London 2012 Olympics would be to make the ribbons out of proper hardy stuff as the ribbons get frayed really quickly, what with all the people wanting to hold them and pretend they've just won gold at the Olympics.

Steve keeps his medals in a sunglasses bag in his pocket, rather than constantly round his neck, and when they're not on his person, they tend to be on the windowsill or in the glovebox of his car.

So now you know.

lee dixon

International man of mystery, purveyor of fine art and for those who don't know him, talented right back for Arsenal and England.


Lee took a break from the sofas of Match of the Day 2 last week to visit us here at Fruit Towers.

He's a relative of our very own Paul B and popped down with his best mate for a bit of a nosey. He was also kind enough to sign the football we use for a kickabout after work.

His slide tackles may not be as sharp as they used to be but he's not lost his knack for felt tip faces.

(Posted by Joe M)

popping around

If you've ever wondered what it's like over here at Fruit Towers but have never had a chance to take us up on our offer to pop around, then have a quick watch of these two clips.

One is by Abi from Hippyshopper and the other by a French TV channel. Both star our Sustainability Jess who's as equally great with cameras as she is at doing ventriloquism in French.