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the kids are alright

25 mums and dads, 35 kids, one fantastic face painter and a walking smoothie descended on Fruit Towers last Saturday for a morning of fruit filled fun.


There was bird feeder making with Tansy.

Bird feeder

Colouring in and magnet art with Ben.


Smoothie making workshops in the kitchen with Eleanor and Lucy F.

Guess the fruit

Fruit hat making with Kat and Gayle.


The chance to chat to Ness all about healthy eating tips for kids.


And the chance to test our brand new kids website.

All of which was thirsty work so Alison and Abi were on hand to serve refreshments which included lots of yummy carrot and courgette cakes made by Abi's lovely sister.

Healthy cakes

However, the highlight of the morning for the kids seemed to be the chicken (which everyone under 4ft tried to take home)


Closely followed by Ben being covered in glitter.

Everyone gave us their healthy tip for getting fruit and veg into kids as they left and you can print your very own copy right here (just click on the image below to make it really big).
Tips pagefinal

early morning visitors

Morning pm

We had some special visitors drop by Fruit Towers this morning


The Prime Minister, his wife and Harriet Harman all came by to have a tour

All ears

They asked some questions

Smooth talk

Answered some questions

Chit chat

Made a smoothie in one kitchen


Watched Emilie make toast in the other


Commiserated with Helen about the perils of playing netball

Broken finger

And had the obligatory photo shoot with IT Sam

Sam and gordon

As it says on our bottles, the door to Fruit Towers is always open so feel free to swing by if you're ever on the Goldhawk Road.


Unless you happen to fall into this category


In which case, please use this entrance.


hello johnny

Johnny Ball popped in a couple of weeks ago for a cup of tea and a chat.

Charlie rio and johnny

He was as thoroughly charming and funny as you'd expect him to be.

It sam and johnny

It's always reassuring to find out your childhood heroes are just like you secretly always hoped they were.

Just wish he still made telly.

whoa, whoa, whoa, it's magic

This is Ollie. He came to visit us last Friday. He's like an understated version of Gambit from X-Men.

Ollie 2

Ollie is a confidence trickster. An illusionist. A bloke that's good with rabbits. A magician. You know, cards and stuff. No rabbits though. Bit disappointing. But cards are pretty cool. Especially when they go jumping all over the place in front of your eyes without actually appearing to move at all. Most of the time they're just still. But they're jumpy creatures, cards - one click of a finger and the jack of spades has shot out from under the bottom of the deck, zapped itself through some invisible vortex (the same one missing socks end up in?) to find itself residing, casual as you like, in your back pocket, paper in one hand, cup of tea in the other, wondering what took you so long to find it.


And all you can do is go 'whoa, that is chicken oriental' and look around to others for confirmation that they too missed the invisible vortex, the unseen card and sock carrying highway, to check that you are not the only one who feels like an eight year old again - giddy with excitement because something strange and cool is happening that you don't understand.

It's all way beyond us. But then, so is the tube on a Monday morning. Ollie, however, sees the vortex highway. Actually, he is its traffic controller, ushering card after card up and down it at his making. He's not seen our socks though (where's the practical application of your skills man, we ask?)

Check him out making us go 'whoa' (and before you ask, no, it's not fake).

birthday bellowings

Oyez! 005

This is a picture of me with my dad. My dad is a town crier, and you may have seen him crop up on our blog from time to time. He used to come to parents' evenings at my school dressed as a pirate. And he once performed a town cry in the nude on Studland nudist beach.

Growing up was hard.

Today he rocked up to Fruit Towers with a little cry he'd written just for us, dedicating it to Gurdeep (who had his birthday yesterday). The camera work is a little shaky, and the battery cuts out halfway through the cry, but like my dad always says, a man in weird clothes ringing a bell and shouting loudly in the middle of an office in London is definitely worth a watch.

Have a listen and if you're feeling creative, get guessing as to what the two and a half missing lines could be and the person who comes closest, or makes us laugh the most, can have some freebies (keep it clean, mind).

Just post your ditties below by Friday 14th August and we'll announce the winner (in the style of my pa) next week.