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a morning of coffee and cake

MacMillan Coffee Morning

We all love that warm and fuzzy feeling when we help someone out, don't we?

Well that's what our Fliss did on 24th September when she organised a MacMillan coffee morning here at Fruit Towers.

There were cakes galore


And plenty of tea and coffee to wash it down with.


Eddie had a run-in with a blackcurrant cheesecake (it wasn't pretty).


MacMillan sent one of their most important people over to sample our tasty treats with a nice brew. 

He's the one on the right, next to Kat.


Whoever was talking seems to have him and Kat hanging on every word.

Jo rounded the morning off nicely (whilst burning a few calories), re-enacting that famous scene from 'Big'.


Every penny raised went to MacMillan Cancer which made eating so much cake on a Friday morning all the more acceptable.

Big pat on the back to Fliss and everyone else who spent the previous evening knees deep in icing.

car park workout #2

Almost a year to the day since the last official car park workout, rugby stars Dan Hipkiss (of England Leicester Tigers fame) and Tim Taylor (of Gloucester and John T's brother fame) came in to do a special rugby training session in the car park.


John T, Phillippa, Alex W, Mel, Dan P, David I and George won the session in an auction to raise money for Accounting for Africa.

Their hour long training involved a combination of smashing out some serious weights in the gym


Followed by some speed and agility training using ladders and parachutes in the car park


And then a quick game of touch rugby where they all taught Dan and Tim a few tricks (commonly known as cheating then runningawayveryfast)

Work it
Thanks so much to Dan and Tim for coming in, helping sweat money for a very worthy cause and teaching everyone to fake pose so very convincingly.

how to run an innocent cafe: day one

1. Open the door at 12:30 and make sure the welcome signs are outside


2. Find a hot yet charming maître d' to man the door and welcome people inside


3. Jazz up the loos

Loo love

4. Get someone with very neat handwriting to chalk up the daily menu


5. Serve some cracking food


6. Then let the magic happen

Cafe action


7. After lunch/dinner, make sure there are plenty of innocent staff on hand to chat to people, give them their goody bag on the way out and show them how to use the tally counter

Thumb stamp


8. And if there's no space at the cafe or you need lunch-on-the-go, put a grassy takeaway hatch round the side


And let the lovely Navita serve you a veg pot, a smoothie and a bagful of treats including a tasty blueberry muffin from Scandi Kitchen to be enjoyed with a cup of Teapig tea, followed by some mid afternoon healthy snacks from Bear and Graze and finished off with a packet of the finest natural gum from the good folk at Peppersmith.


Your 5-a-day and some.

All for £5.


9. Repeat at lunchtime and dinner time for 7 days (apart from a rest on Monday) and wait for that tally counter to be well and truly thumbed.

billy lots of mates

Bill with smoothie
Bill Nighy dropped into Fruit Towers last week when he was doing some recording over the road

Bill & Heather

Everyone stopped playing ping pong to go and have their picture taken with him

But it's not just Bill who's been seduced by the bright lights of the Goldhawk Industrial Estate.

Over the years, we've had royalty drop by

Hahaha, your Majesty

the PM

The pm and sam

Another chap called Bill

Bill bailey

Mr. Kay


Johnny Vegas


and the original Johnny

Mr ball

A gaggle of stars (on a chilly car park break)


Scouting for Girls (back when they were still in Cubs)


Not to mention magicians, Olympians (of the gold variety) and a man who makes jam.

At this rate, we're going to have a Christmas special more star studded than the love child of the Royal Variety Show and Smash Hits Poll Winners Party.

In case you're wondering who would be the host, we've got that covered


(Ronnie that is. Not Sam).

office dog

There's a puppy in the office today.

She belongs to Philippa B

Nala and philly
Her name is Nala.

She is 10 weeks old.

And this morning, she christened the astroturf whilst everyone was having breakfast.