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what did you think of our fete?


What a weekend. Thank you to everyone who came along on Saturday or Sunday to join in the welly wanging, the ferret racing, the prize draw or all of those who just sat under a tree and pretended they lived in the countryside. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

We'll be updating our village fete website and flickr group over the next few days with our own photos and stuff – please feel free to add your own pics to the flickr group as well. There's even a year's supply of smoothies up for grabs of the best 3 pictures, so it's worth a go.

We'd also love to know what you thought of our fete...

It's the first time we've put together our own fete and we're sure there's some stuff we did better than others. Let us know what you loved, what you liked and what you thought you could have done without. What were your own highlights? Just leave a comment on this post or drop us an email if you prefer to

The keen bloggers amongst you may wish to 'TrackBack' to this post if you've written your own post on the fete as well (use the special URL at the bottom of this post).

All suggestions and comments, no matter how big or small, will be added to our big list and taken into account for next year.

Oh and is anyone missing a pair of sun glasses? Or a ferret?

We found the above photo by Martin Isaac in our village fete flickr group. Please upload yours as well if you fancy.

the innocent village fete day two

Blue skies and sunshine for the second day running. How lucky are we? Someone must have had a word with Michael Fish. Here are some of the many highlights from Sunday...


People enjoying the shade. Thank you trees.


Even more bunting making with the Girl Guides.


People dropping by for a stitch or two in our knitting tent.


Cheerleaders reaching for the skies on the village green.

Dog agility by persuasion on the village green.


Sack races in the sunshine.

A very high standard of alfresco dancing.

And our drinks continued to prove a popular attraction...




the innocent village fete day one


We were blessed with sunshine and blue skies today for the first day of our big village fete in Regent's Park. Here are just some of the highlights so far...


People enjoying the sunshine. There was a lot of it.


Bunting making with the Girl Guides.


Duck herding.


Rolly pollies on the village green during the Gymnastics workshop.


A Town Crier testing the dog agility course.

Lots of Morris dancing throughout the day.


Lovely flower arranging by our Aliana's sister.

Adem playing 'God Only Knows What I'd Be Without You' on the acoustic stage on a very small guitar in that nice t-shirt with two red circles and two green rectangles again. What are those small guitars actually called?

The William Fairey Band working the hay barn crowd into a frenzy with their brass band versions of acid house classics. They are probably the only brass band in the country to get this kind of reaction on a Saturday afternoon at a fete I imagine.


Plus our smoothies were very popular which was a relief.

Oh and I spotted Louis Theroux wandering around. Appreciating the stranger bits probably.

go betty

It was with great excitement this morning that we headed off to the south bank to see a bit of GMTV being filmed. Betty, who is running the dog agility spot at the Village Fete tomorrow was telling Keith 'Cheggers' Chegwin all about mans best friend, and Cheggers even got to have a go taking Jessie round the course. He didn't do very well apparently, so Betty made him eat a dog biscuit.