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mystery veg

the innocent village fete

We like vegetables. So we’re very excited to have the people from Riverford come along to our fete this year. What they don’t know about veg isn’t worth the forking manure, and we consider them to be a key partner in our quest to help people eat slightly fewer sausage rolls and a bit more fruit and veg.

As part of this quest, Riverford would like you to bring your strangely shaped veg to our fete. Wonky carrots, bulbous onions and courgettes that look like the Dalai Lama – all are welcome. The best ones will win a prize and be shown off in the Riverford tent. Or you can just post a photo of your weird veg here.

Also, we have a small competition for you. Just name the vegetables below (proper Latin names please, as well as their everyday names) and you can win one of three fancy boxes of Riverford fruit and veg. Post your answers as a comment, along with a tie-breaker – a maximum of 15 words completing the following phrase - "I love wonky veg because............"

Good luck (deadline is the end of this Friday 25th July).

Mystery veg 1


Mystery veg 2


bring a book, swap a book

the innocent village fete

We're having a new area at our fete this year, all about words, books and theatre. Along with live performance art, poetry slamming, Giant Boggle and storytelling, our friends at 4th Estate are also bringing along their book tombola.

The book tombola may not look like this in real life.

Instead of buying a ticket and praying to bag the bottle of gin over the collector’s set of King Charles Spaniel porcelain plates, you just need to bring an old book along to the fete. You then get to swap it for another book from the tombola. It might be better, it might not, but one thing’s for sure – you won’t be going home with a tin of beans or any commemorative canine crockery.

So please bring a book (or two) if you're coming to our fete.

put up posters and win stuff

the innocent village fete


We're hoping that you might be able to help spread the word about our village fete this summer in your local neighbourhood or place of work. All you need to do is download this post, print it out and stick it up somewhere where lots of people might see it.

Then you can take a photo of it and enter it into our flickr competition if you like. There'll be prizes for best placed poster, the strangest placed poster and the place where the most people are likely to see it.

It's all about keeping it local these days.

please say hello to the innocent band

the innocent village fete

Here's a very sneak preview of the innocent band who played for us here at Fruit Towers last Thursday lunch time. They'll be playing again at our village fete on both the Saturday and Sunday so keep your eye out for them on the programme.

Every single member works here Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm, so we're quite proud that they've managed to pull together a fully fledged 9 piece band in such a short space of time. In the blurry distance, you can probably just about make out Caroline, Cass, Ceri and Vic on vocals, Duncan on drums, Jamie M and Tim S on trombone and trumpet respectively, Ruvan on guitar, Malinna on bass and Ben T working his magic on the piano. Oh and there's a tambourine that gets passed around as well. We can't forget the tambourine.

And here's a chicken with his eye on some apples.


Unfortunately, he's already been booked for another engagement this summer.