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some video highlights from the weekend

the innocent village fete

Youtube is a truly wonderful thing for stuff like this.

James Taylor Quartet on Saturday night:

nabbed from darrenwool

The wonderful Angus and Julia Stone playing their Mango Tree song on Sunday afternoon in the Hay Barn:

filmed quite badly by ourselves on a little digital camera that does movie clips

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain play a unique cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit. (Watch the far left strummer for some great ukulele head banging).

same camera, same shakie hip shot style

And last, but definitely not least, our very own innocent band in the Village Disco on Sunday evening:

thank you for coming

the innocent village fete

We had a fantastic weekend at the fete. We hope you did too, even though there were some slightly damp moments. Post your own photos on the fete flickr group when you have a moment - here are some of our favourites so far...










saturday at the fete

the innocent village fete

Day one of the fete was a belter - it ended up being a beautiful evening. Sunday tickets are available on the gate, on sale from 10am. See you in the park...








cometh the hour, cometh the fete

the innocent village fete

We've been down at the park quite a bit this week. Things are coming together nicely - lots of strong people lugging bits of tent all around the site, looking for mallets and pegs and wearing big boots so they don't get their feet bashed in.


These three poles mark the spot where the main stage will be, a.k.a. the Hay Barn. By now the chaps will have hoisted the tent right up to the top, and moved on to fixing up the rest of the site.


Thankfully, there are some solar powered eco-toilets for them to relax in when all of the hoisting is done.

animal welfare at our fete

Our fete is only a day away and we are getting quite excited about what the weekend will bring. We have received a few emails from people concerned about the welfare of some of the animals that will be at our fete, so we just wanted to reassure anyone who wanted to know...

We love animals, and we’ve made sure that all of the activities involving animals at our fete comply with the Animal Welfare Acts of 2006 and 2007. All the animals are well looked after and no animals are hurt during any of the activities.

The exhibitors who will be at the fete are professionals who do this for a living across the country and, most importantly, are all animal lovers. The people we have employed to put on a show for you are at the top of their field and we have never received any complaints from any members of the public about these activities.

Also, the RSPCA are aware of the content of our event and haven't expressed any concerns. If you are concerned, please call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.

Hope that sets minds at rest.