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ukulele idol

Do you recognise this man?


Well for those of you who came along to our fete last summer, you might recall this handsome chap as Mr. Rod Thomas, who was strumming his ukulele at about 2 o'clock on the Sunday on The Acoustic Bandstand stage.

As well as working the sports casual look rather well, he's also just won Best Ukulele Video of the Year award , which features another rather fetching jumper and some very friendly socks.

You can listen to more of Rod's ear candy here or simply just kick back and watch his award winning video (and jumper) below:

fete flickr winners

the innocent village fete

Last week we had a big Eurovision style vote for the best photos from our 2008 village fete flickr. The deadline has gone, we've added up the results and it's congratulations to all of the below.

Best fete game photo: SJNewton

Best picture of bunting: Mondoagogo


Best overall fete photo: CJSteele

Well done to each of you, we've sent you all flickr mails.

vote for fete

the innocent village fete


You might remember a while a go we asked everyone who came along to our village fete to upload their photos to our fete flickr group and FaceBook group. And that we'd give prizes to the best photos. Well the time has come for you to help us judge the shortlisted photos.

There are three categories, twelve photos, and everything to play for. Help to make someone's year by voting here before Sunday night (Sept 21 2008).

a feteful weekend

the innocent village fete

It's been a couple of weeks since our village fete in Regent's Park so we thought we'd share some stuff that we've uploaded and you've uploaded to the web since then (because 'tinternet was made for sharing).

First up our little film of the highlights from the weekend that bring it all back again...

Then here are some great shots from our fete flickr group and facebook event page.

Rainy yet resilient / at least it didn't snow.





The bit when summer did what it's meant to do






We'll be sorting through all of the pictures from both groups in a couple of weeks and will put together a shortlist for the year's supply of smoothies competition. Then we'll get our innocent family to vote on the best 3 photos. Just like last year.

So if you've got any leftover photos or video from the weekend hanging about, upload them now to be in with a chance of winning big.

love note board

the innocent village fete


At our fete the other weekend, we had a big pink felt covered board where you could leave a love note for someone you fancied or thought was rather lovely at the fete.


Lots of people left notes and we're keen to see if any romance actually came out of it.


There were over 1000 notes left over the weekend, all of which were dutifully read by Tansy, Ben and Stu.


So we're itching to know whether any love blossomed from these little notes?

Did the fine looking person by the tea stand hook up with the shy person who had the purple pen?

Did Jonathon meet Medium Build But Really Gorgeous by the ferret racing at 2:30pm on Saturday?

Did Casper read his note?

And did the pretty girl who sneezed on Dom's shoulder realise she'd stolen his heart as well?


If you left a love note or had a love note left for you at the fete, we'd love to hear what happened next.