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veg pots - an update


It's been a bit busy in veg pot land recently. To be honest, they're selling better than we could have imagined, so most of our time is taken up with making more. But we just wanted to quickly let you know what's happening in a few areas, and reply to all of the comments (mainly in response to this post) in one fell swoop.

Where you can buy them:

- We're in about two thirds of all Waitrose stores. They decide which stores (not us), so if they're not in your local store or they've sold out, please ask a Waitrose person to order you some.

- We're also in a lot of Sainsbury's main stores now (as of 3 weeks ago) and will be in many Sainsbury's Local stores from November.

- We'll be in Tesco from the end of December, and we're working on other places as we speak.

- In Northern Ireland we're currently only in a few stores – Sainsbury's in Forestside, Holywood Exchange, Sprucefield, Newry and Dungannon. We're working on the rest.


We've had lots of vegans asking us to make a vegan recipe. If you eat honey then you can eat the Moroccan recipe. Otherwise, none of them are suitable for vegans. The good news is we are working on a solution. The bad news is that it may take us a couple of months to get it made and into the shops, but should be out early next year.

Vegetarians - three of the recipes are suitable for vegetarians. The Thai one isn't because it has fish sauce in.

We tried loads of ingredients instead of the fish sauce, because we'd rather everyone could eat it, but it made such a difference to the taste that we stayed with the traditional ingredient.

Some people hadn't seen this on the packaging so we've changed the packaging to make it clear on the top that it contains fish sauce. And we take your point about the 'not suitable for strict vegetarians' comment, that was rubbish, we've changed that too. It should take a month for new packaging to be in the shops.


A couple of you asked for dairy-free versions. The Thai and the Moroccan are dairy-free.

The Thai and the Pea & Rice recipes are wheat-free.


We're funding a lower launch price to start with because it's a bit cheeky to ask people to pay full price for a product they haven't tried yet. This is also why we put up some sampling stands, which you may have seen in Sainsbury's or Waitrose/John Lewis stores, so people can try before they buy. After this time, the veg pots do go back up to the full price of £3.49. The price is driven by the amount and quality of the ingredients and we don't want to make them worse to make them cheaper. We're going to stick with these products for now, but we'll try to have them on regular offers so you can get some cheaper ones or try new flavours.

Recipe suggestions:

Thank you for all the recipe comments. It seems that people like the four launch recipes on the whole, but we're definitely listening to what you say and we're making some tweaks. We'd better get on with it.

Of course, if there's anything else you need to know about our veg pots, then just post a comment and we'll try to answer.

what did you think?


Have you had a chance to try our new veg pots yet?

It’s the first time we’ve made things with veg so we’d love to know what you think of them. Any feedback you have on the specific recipes would be welcomed with open arms so that we can make them the best little veg pots they can be.

- Do you like our veg pots? Are they useful? Is there anything we could do to make them better?

- When do you eat them? Home or office? On their own or with something?

- What did you think of the specific recipe you tried? 10 out of 10 brilliant, or 0 out of 10 disastrous? How could it be better?

Just in case...we want as many people as possible to enjoy our veg pots. So we're now working on some vegan options as well after taking on your feedback from when we first introduced our veg pots to you.

win ten veg pots


For a chance to win ten whole tasty innocent veg pots just answer the below question as a comment to this blog post by 6pm on Monday 29th September. We'll then choose 1 winner at random first thing on Tuesday and drop you a line. Easy as that.

Which of these ingredients would you not find in a veg pot?
Pak choi
Fondant fancy

UPDATE: This competition has now closed. The winner chosen at random was Rebecca G-W. Well done Rebecca, we're going to send you an email to arrange getting the ten veg pots to you.

If you fancy hedging your bets we've got some very special batteries up for grabs here at the minute as well.

vegetable vision




What with our first venture outside the world of fruit into vegetables, with our brand new tasty veg pots, we've been getting into all things veg-like at the minute. As such, we've started up our own veg art gallery.

You can see a few examples of our own handiwork above and here but we'd love it if you could join in too. Along with getting involved with the best gallery type affair since Tony Hart and Morph graced our screens (the good old days eh Row) you'll get a special prize that might well be vegetable related. Plus the fame of having your picture printed big and in colour on the inside of millions of our veg pots packaging if we choose your shot, just like this...

Your photo could appear on the inside bit here, where the cherry tomato Pac Man is.

Have a look for some inspiration, read the simple guidelines and get uploading at our veg art flickr group here.

please say hello to our new veg pots


We are more excited than Fatima Whitbread back in '86 to introduce our brand new innocent veg pots. Veg pots are quick and healthy meals made from great tasting vegetables and pulses. Our smoothies have always made it nice and easy for people to get a bit more fruit into their diets, so we're now doing the same for veg.

Each veg pot provides three portions of veg, is a great source of fibre, are low fat and low in salt. They come in four filling recipes, moroccan squash tagine, tuscan bean stew, pea & broccoli rice, and thai coconut curry. All of which are available in Waitrose up and down the land (in the chilled bit, near the fresh soup). They'll then be on sale in other retailers from early October if you haven't got a Waitrose near you.

And, combining one with an innocent smoothie can make up your magical 5-a-day that Dr Shilpee will tell you all about. Pretty nifty, eh.

We'd love to know what you think of our new veg pots once you've had a chance to try one, please leave your thoughts as a comment to this blog post or email us at