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Tweets of the week

We love talking to you lovely lot through the medium of 140 characters or less, so we've decided to start compiling a round-up of some of the best things you've tweeted us throughout the week (because, let's face it, you're pretty much always funnier than us). If you see your name (or 'handle' if you want to whip out the technical stuff) below, then we would like to cordially offer you a celebratory fist bump. You earned it.

First up Sarah, who got in touch to let us know that our smoothies have helped her break the ice with her desk mate (we think this might be the start of something beautiful).


Eddie Lewis came up with our next marketing campaign. Now we just need to tell the ladies in the products kitchen that we require a pecan deluxe smoothie recipe ASAP and we’ll be good to go.


Anna wanted to find out if Brian had seen the hidden message on our smoothie bottles. We had to inform her that, no, we haven’t heard from him yet (and that we have a sneaking suspicion that he may have lied to us about his penguin and pregnant panda passion). Ah well, plenty more short men called Brian in the…sea.


Liza let us know that a man in a gorilla suit was all she needed to get her creative juices flowing (to see our Sam from I.T posing in his gorilla suit have a look here).


Nic went a bit Heston Blumenthal on us and stumbled upon an unorthodox combination that he insists works a treat.


We found out that Jas’s family are pretty massive fans of our orange juice. 


And finally, our team over in innocent Ireland said hello to a new grassy van, and asked their followers for some naming inspiration. Some of the entries were pretty genius.


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