Thoughts from category: things we've made

as fresh as a daisy


Our two Dancing Grass Vans have just had a Spring/Summer 07 makeover. Which is a good news as they're both going to be on the road a fair bit this summer (you'll note that old fete favourite 'ball in a bucket' stowed away inside this one)


We also seem to have aquired another big van complete with secret serving hatches. Can you spot them?


I don't know much about it at this stage but it seems it may be heading elsewhere quite soon.


new labels

We've just finished writing and artworking a whole heap of new labels. They're stuck up on the wall for all to see.


Here's one to read now. You'll have to wait a week or two for the rest of them to start appearing on the shelves.


our brand new pinboard


Pretty much since innocent started you've been sending in great letters, photos, drawings, collages and other stuff that we've proudly displayed on the wall at fruit towers. Well, we thought we could no longer keep all this good stuff to ourselves, so we’ve made a fancy new web pinboard where we can show off some of your stuff and you can upload more if you like.

(Look out for the innocent mini, nappy, lunchbox, necklace and hamster house amongst others...)