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spot the difference


The very observant of you may have already noticed that our new smoothie of the month comes with a variety of different labels (the New Year resolutions bit of it). We always try to change the words around the back as much as we can but this is the first time that we've had a series of different things on the front of our labels for one drink.

Keep your eyes out for them in the shops and see how many you can spot. 'Find treasure' is my favorite.

a llama, a wizard and a free day


Every now and then there's nothing we like more than to make little booklets. Here's our guide to having a slightly better 2007 along with a lovely guide to village fetes Kat did last year.

Whenever we make booklets we like to include all the latest interesting stuff about our drinks, the fruit we use and how we like to do business. But we also like to throw in the odd random thing like flying squirrels and fete bingo.

In this case it's a llama, a wizard, some beards and a whole free day in 2008. You can find out what it's all about right here.

as if it were yesterday

We have to apologise that it's taken us so long to upload a film about our village fete this summer. It's been quite a while since the fete, it's got very cold between then and now for example.

But watching the highlights from our weekend in Regent's Park back in August has managed to warm us all up a bit this morning. It feels like it was only yesterday.

I'm going to go and buy an ice pop.

(The music is by The William Fairey Band incase you are wondering. They also played at our fete on Saturday to a rapturous reception).