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for one week only


We've been thinking about submitting a design to howies T-Shirt of the week for sometime now but could never come up with a good enough idea. As it's our tenth birthday this week we finally had a good idea, a T-Shirt that says 'thanks' (along with a couple of good old Fonzie style thumbs). Thanks to everyone who has helped us get this far. It also makes a pretty good thank you present for someone who's allergic to flowers and chocolate.

It's available from the howies T-Shirt of the week website and the clue really is in the name – it's only available for purchase in the next seven days, up until Thursday 7th May. The T-shirt comes in two very fetching colour ways – white for guys and heather (that sort of athletic grey – see above) for girls. If you fancy getting your hands on a very limited edition tee in preparation for a long hot summer then just pop over to howies. Thanks.

egg time

As it's Easter this weekend, we thought you might want some stuff to do in case it rains or eating your way through a warrenful of chocolate shaped rabbits becomes a chore.

Eggy egg

So here's a sneak preview of our brand new kids packaging with lots of fun stuff to keep the kids occupied this extra long weekend (especially when the post Easter egg sugar rush kicks in).

Happy Easter.

sneak preview

We've been working on something for a while now. You can only get it in one place at the moment but come April, it'll be everywhere.

For those of you who fancy playing Inspector Clueso, here's some pictorial clues to follow.





an artist's kitbag

We're drawing and designing some new stuff to go on the big cartons. Ed is here to lend us his art skills - here's a handy guide to the equipment he's using:

Some Karisma colouring pencils. Accept nothing less.

A watch, so you know when to make a cup of tea (ten past three by the look of it).

Some paper, so you can draw big pictures of mangoes...

...or elephants and paintbrushes.

And a plastic bag so you can carry your stuff home.

the many guises of clover

We've been gathering up lots of old photos from the last few years at innocent, and recently found this picture of an old van of ours. Most of you probably haven't ever seen this one as it appears below, in all its fruit-bearing, bushy glory. But take a good look at the number plate... recognise it? It's Clover before she was bovined(?).

Apparently this camouflaged version was tried as an idea once a few cow vans were already around, but was swiftly taken off the road after all the fruit was stolen (not to mention it probably being both dangerous and illegal). So we put horns on the roof instead.