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magnets for sale

Does the fact that we've found a whole load of our kids' magnets on eBay mean that

a) they are a coveted thing, as precious in some households as the ownership of the remote control

Ebay magnets


b) that people are swimming in them?

We're going with the former.

If you're missing a few letters, you should have a little look here

And if you want fancy bidding for the 42 magnet set picture, then you better get a wriggle on.

linda's hats of the world: part 2

Last year, Linda (who looks after the innocent foundation) knitted a myriad of hats for the Big Knit to represent all the countries in the world where the foundation supports projects.


For this years A/W 09 collection however, Linda has outknitted herself by whipping up hats to represent the type of projects the foundation supports.


From watering cans and garden tools (to represent projects like rainwater harvesting and sustainable agriculture training)


Through to fruit, veg and bees to represent crop production, income generation and setting up honey farms in Africa.


Hats off to Linda again for another stunning collection.

The deadline for all hats for this year's Big Knit is this Friday 30th October. So if you're sitting on a hoarde of hats or are just adding the finishing touches to your bebobbled creations, make sure to get them in the post quick sharp to hit this year's target.

consequences, consequences

Pen. Paper. Scribble. Fold. Pass. Scribble some more. Repeat.

This is consequences, old school.


And this is our very own brand new on line version of consequences for kids, using our kids' magnets as inspiration.


Francesca Simon (author of the Horrid Henry books) has written 26 opening lines to 26 stories and the idea is that kids continue the stories by adding a new line.

Then, everyday at 4 o'clock, we pick the winning lines and then the whole thing starts again. There are prizes galore not to mention the chance to have your line in the final story.

What will happen to the quacking pig?

How will the Queen get King Herbert back for tying a knot in her knickers?

And will PC Billings, the baked goods expert, ever find the biscuit burglars?

You decide.

To play, all you need to do is click here.

3 freeness inside every box

Everyone loves fridge magnets don't they. You can't go far wrong with fridge magnets. Especially when they are magnets of letters of the alphabet that you can make words and messages with.

We love fridge magnets so much that we've put 3 free magnets inside every special box of our smoothies for kids. And they're out in the shops now.


To win yourself (or a special small person in your life) a full set of A-Z magnets just leave a comment on this blog post guessing what you think each letter's picture stands for. We'll then choose a winning entry at random at the end of the week (Friday 16 Oct). Some of the magnets have more than one meaning, there's extra points for spotting multiple interpretations of the same letter.

We'll start you off with...a= ants b= biscuit.

Update: This competition is now closed, thanks for all your entries. The winner (drawn at random) was Linda C. Well done Linda, we'll be in contact to arrange getting your full set of magnets to you. Look out for our magnets in the shops, they're pretty special.