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guess the shape

Remember that bit in Playschool where you had to guess which window would be chosen that day?


Would it be the square, the circle or the funny arch thing? Exciting wasn't it?


Well, in a bid to build suspense and anticipation for something very exciting that we've made, we'd like you to guess which one of these shapes it will be


Clue 1: it's not the sharp banana

Clue 2: we sort of might already given the game away here

All will be revealed here officially on Friday here

In the meantime, more tenuous intriguing clues to follow

a special film makers' workshop

Saturday 19th Feb, 2011.

For many, this will go down as the day when it rained a lot, or as the weekend where they had a particularly tasty croissant for breakfast.

But for me, Sat 19th Feb will be marked as my favourite day at work. Ever.

A few weeks ago, we blogged a post inviting people to come along to a special film makers' workshop here at Fruit Towers. 60 soaked, but surprisingly chirpy, budding film makers came through the doors of the Towers on Sat for a very special workshop with Ben Wheatley - film director, funny man, and chap who made our advert.


With beanbags and biscuits, and a Wizard of Oz style presentation from up on the balcony, Ben shared some of his top tips for film making, ranging from how to use storyboards effectively to the importance of time management in directing.

We'll let you into a secret...the number 1 rule of film directing?

Never, ever sit down.


In the afternoon, our budding film makers were set loose to create their own 30 second mini movie superhero movie, armed with Ben's tips and a no expenses spared* film makers' kit.

*this may not be strictly true

They looked up for the challenge, so we threw in additional angle of artistic opportunity/anguish and gave them each a genre or theme for their mini movie, ranging from slasher horror to circus chic.

They spent a bit of time brainstorming...


...and then the magic started to really happen as the gaffa tape came out, the fishwire was attached, and a selection of Fruit Towers' finest random props were put to excellent use.


The result? 9 truely excellent films watched with lashings of popcorn that had us in stitches.


Check out some of the results, and find out how you can get involved in our mini movies competition here.

Thanks so much to those of you who came down for the day. We'll be smiling about it for a while to come.

back in five


Our 5 for 5 cafe is now closed for business.


In the 7 days the cafe was open, we served over 5,000 people their 5-a-day for a fiver.

That included 500 sweet potato briks (the most popular dish on the rotating menu)


Countless table settings


Over 400 people via our takeaway


Loads of ponchos on the very wet Saturday


Over 300 stolen wee-o-meters


Sakhr at least 3 times (maybe more. We sort of lost count)


A wall full of people giving their thumbs up to 5-a-day on our big tally counter


And loads of good chat.


Thanks to everyone who came along, who helped out and got involved.

If you didn't manage to make it along, you can make the recipes at home for yourself using the free downloadable recipe cards right here.

In the meantime, we'd love to know what you thought and whether you think we should do it again next year?

Just post your thoughts below and who knows, that 'out to lunch' sign might come down sooner than you think.

how to run an innocent cafe: day one

1. Open the door at 12:30 and make sure the welcome signs are outside


2. Find a hot yet charming maître d' to man the door and welcome people inside


3. Jazz up the loos

Loo love

4. Get someone with very neat handwriting to chalk up the daily menu


5. Serve some cracking food


6. Then let the magic happen

Cafe action


7. After lunch/dinner, make sure there are plenty of innocent staff on hand to chat to people, give them their goody bag on the way out and show them how to use the tally counter

Thumb stamp


8. And if there's no space at the cafe or you need lunch-on-the-go, put a grassy takeaway hatch round the side


And let the lovely Navita serve you a veg pot, a smoothie and a bagful of treats including a tasty blueberry muffin from Scandi Kitchen to be enjoyed with a cup of Teapig tea, followed by some mid afternoon healthy snacks from Bear and Graze and finished off with a packet of the finest natural gum from the good folk at Peppersmith.


Your 5-a-day and some.

All for £5.


9. Repeat at lunchtime and dinner time for 7 days (apart from a rest on Monday) and wait for that tally counter to be well and truly thumbed.