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filming in the park


We start selling drinks in Denmark very soon. One of the first things we need is a little advert that will be shown on instore TV in some of the places where we'll be selling our drinks.

Before something like this gets made, we always ask the question 'can we make it ourselves?' Sometimes we need help from the professionals, but often the job is simple enough for us to do on our own. Besides, if you don't try to do stuff yourself, you'll never learn how to do new things.

As this ad will only be 12 seconds long and just needs to say "Hello. We're innocent. Fancy buying our drinks?" we figured that we could handle it. So I phoned up our friends Ed and Jerry (they should do ice cream) and they came down to help. Ed is the friend who helped us make our first TV advert in Gunnersbury Park last year. There were three of us there that day as well.


This time we chose Wimbledon Park. It's a bit closer to Ed's house and there were still a few blades of green grass if you looked hard enough. It was a sunny day, we got the vital 12 seconds, and we're off to Jim's house at the weekend to edit it. Couldn't be easier.

bingo bonus

You might thing we'd tire of talking about our summer bingo card. But no. There's more. First off, we are honoured to announce that it featured in the 'Going Up' section of the Daily Mail today. It's officially hip, alongside camo tents and eco-travelling. Apparently Cristal champagne and holidaying abroad are 'Going Down'. You have been warned.

Russell posted some great pictures from a sunny weekend at the seaside on the Flickr bingo group. His photos are better than the ones on the bingo card itself. Very embarrassing.

And finally, we're getting ready to unleash the bingo card properly in the next couple of weeks. About one million of the little blighters will be appearing in newspapers very soon. Make sure the paperboy doesn't pinch yours.

bingo madness

A nice man called Russell has said some good stuff about our summer bingo card. And he's also started a flickr group where we can all record what we do this summer in order to try to tick off the boxes on said bingo card.

Russell says "I've made a Flickr group called Innocent Summer Bingo, anyone can post pictures of their bingo-ing in there. Personally, this is how I'm going to organise my summer."

Click here to check out the flickr group - start posting your photos there pronto.

time for bingo

We've made a bingo card for summer. It's pretty smart - it's full of nice pictures of stuff you should do while the sun is shining. The idea is that you print it out, stick it up and then tick off all of the things that you get up to.

Let us know if you manage to tick everything off.

You can download it here.