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what should we make films about?

We like making films. We made a nice one about our apples a couple of months ago, and there's plenty more to watch on our YouTube channel. But we thought it was about time we became a bit more responsive and started making stuff that you want to watch. So we want you to tell us what films we should be making.

Our camera skills mean that they'll be fairly basic, but we'd love it if you could tell us what questions you need answering, which innocent people you'd like us to interview, which stories you'd like us to tell.

Post your thoughts as comments at the end of this post - we'll give a month's supply of smoothies to our favourite one.

In the mean time, here's something to brighten up your day - an interview with our very own Shrimp.

now you see it, now you don't


Please say hello to our new eco bottle. It's our first ever bottle to be made from a 100% renewable source (corn), uses no plastic at all (hence no oil or gas) and is manufactured in a carbon neutral process. What's more, it's totally compostable, as our Claire's dad demonstrates in the pictures above.

Peter (Claire's dad) managed to completely break down 2 eco bottles in about 10 weeks in a controlled experiment at the bottom of his garden. And it follows that more composting means less landfill, which can only be a good thing.

We're trialling the eco bottle with our new breakfast smoothie at present but we hope to be able to swap all our bottles over in the future. Read more about our clever new bottle in this Q&A.

all about our recycled plastic bottles

Stu, doing his bottle thing

A while ago someone asked us about our bottles. Here's the question:

"How are you getting so much recycled plastic in your bottles, because no one else appears to be doing it?"

So we finally tracked down Stu one day in the office. He's our Packaging Chief, and an elusive man to boot, always out on the road doing packaging things. This is his answer:

I guess the truthful answer is through a lot of hard work and trial and error. We have had to work hard at sourcing good quality recycled material to start with. It is not that easy to find because a lot of recycled PET is sent to places like China as low grade fillers for synthetic clothing etc.

The kinds of problems you see with the material are things like black specks and other inclusions that end up in the recycling stream so we had to come up with a way of ensuring they don't end up in our bottles.

The other problem you see is colour. PET bottles are sold in a variety of different colours so when the material is recycled you end up with a mixture. This leads to funny coloured bottles that vary from horrible yellow to a dull grey or blue. So we have had to find a way around this too.

Our bottles are made from 50% recycled PET. Stu's working on getting this up to 75% very soon. We'll let you know when it happens.

jamie and his magic camera


Here's Jamie with his camera. He's posing a bit, but don't let that put you off. Jamie is a director/cameraman/editor extraordinaire. If ever we need a little film making, we turn to Jamie and his friends at Brand and Deliver. They're really good. There's no fuss, no high art drama. Just a bit of a laugh and some great films at the end of it.

Today Jamie was in to shoot a little film about Supergran. We should have it to show you soon.