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new year, new stuff

A big well done to Louise W, Samantha KF, Kerry D, Tracey T, Flora R, JJ, Laura B, Helen W, David M and Simon W. Late January salvation on its way to you right now.

Resolutions starting to wobble? Biscuit tin serenading you? Need steering back onto the 'new you' track?


We've got 10 'New Year, New You' (TM) packs to give away, packed full of good stuff to help you get back on that straight and slender path including:

  • A boxful of tasty porridge from the nice ladies at Grasshopper (to warm up the chilly mornings and get you through to lunchtime) Porridge ladies
  • An Action Diary and some uplifting pencils to keep you organised and motivated from the folk at We Are What We Do



  • And a handful of veg pot and smoothie vouchers to help you through the perilous waters of snacking and lunchtime occasions.

Add in 52 star jumps and a stir fry for tea and you're sorted.

To bagsy a box, just tell us how the best thing that has happened so far in this shiny new year.

Post your answers below by Tuesday 18th January and make 2011 the year where you eat better, do better and maybe end up looking like Joe.


Oh yes.

buy one get one bee


Bees. Busy little fellows, and pollinators of plants. It would be safe to say that we'd have a lot of troubles getting our fruit to people if it wasn't for bees. As we found out when Jon popped over to the blueberry fields of Nova Scotia a while ago. So we thought we'd help the bees along this spring with our new project buy one get one bee. We'll be helping to introduce 2 million bees back to the UK with every one of the below special packs bought. The recipe of the special smoothies? Lemon, honey and ginger of course.

Go seek them out in the shops (Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Boots should all have them in stock in the next few days). The little bottles also come complete with a pack of free bee friendly seeds. If you don't have a garden of your own why not go guerrilla gardening, it's all the rage at the minute we hear.

getting better all the time



The number of seasons (hello spring)

The number of elements (earth, wind, etc)

The number of meals in the day (breakfast, lunch, treats, dinner)

And the number of sustainable packaging criteria we use here at innocent.

When it comes to choosing suitable new 'housing' for our smootihes, these are the four things we care about most:

1. To use low carbon footprint formats wherever possible

2. To make our packaging as lightweight as possible

3. To make things out of either renewable or recycled materials

4. To make all our packaging widely recyclable.

Unfortunately it's often really hard to tick all four of these boxes.


Our big cartons do a great job in that we're ticking currently the first three boxes OK. However, there's still some room for improvement on the last one.

When we launched our big cartons, very few councils were recycling them at all.

The good news however is that little by little, these sort of cartons are becoming more recyclable. 86% of councils now collect cartons at recycling centres and one in five councils will collect kerbside (in other words, from your front doorstep). You can read more about it here.

In the same way we managed to get our little bottles to 100% recycled PET, it takes time and patience.

But little by little things improve.

We're still working on making our veg pots and squeezies packaging tick more of the boxes and will keep you posted on our progress right here.