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blended animals (it's not what you think)

To celebrate our new juice blends we've blended some animals together. Intro-juicing the Giroose and his good friend the Slostrich. We're not recommending blending animals in real life by the way, we just like drawing weird pictures.

Tell us which two animals you'd like to see (pictorally) blended together here and we might just draw them up.

blends ahoy


Or should we say start, as for our first official bit of news for 2012, we are thrilled to announce that our new juice blends are now in the shops.

You can choose from our delicious apple and raspberry recipe or totally tasty tropical (sorry), depending on whether you need to be transported to a dappled orchard or a desert island.

You can find them in ASDA right now and in other shops very soon (we'll keep you posted as to where and when).

Given that at least one person you know will be on some sort of miserable cabbage maple syrup nothing beginning with C diet right now, why not cheer them up with a bit of sunshine in a carafe?

Or better still, give their eyes and ears a treat courtesy of a shady orange grove and the dulcet tones of Captain Jean Luc Picard.

Or even better still, if you fancy winning yourself a case of our new blends, just tell us your top 3 most ridiculous New Year's resolutions below and the 10 that make us laugh the most will each win a case of our new juice.

We'll pick the winners on Friday 20th January, so get your entries in.

Meantime, to find for your nearest ASDA stockist, just email

This competition is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered. Congratulations to Katie B, Kieran W, Karen G, Thom B, Yasna, Andi G, Bex, Kerri W, Samantha S and Steven Y. A box 'o' blends winging their way to you very soon.

small apples, big news


Right this instant.

Put down the apples, step away from the juicer and remove yourself from the kitchen theatre immediately because our apple juice is now available in little 330ml bottles. 110316_AJ_Bottle

You can find them in NISA and McColls stores right now, Starbucks from next week and Sainsbury’s from the start of November.

We’re so giddy with excitement that we’ve got 10 cases to give away.


All you need to do win one is tell us your best apple joke below.

And if you're very lucky, you might even get a signed photo of Janel, our resident opera singer and all round angel



Post your jokes by Monday 10th October and we'll announce the winners here next week.

This competition is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered. Big congratulations to Stephen P, Christine S, Andrena, Karen, Di, Clive, Rach, Jayne, Sara and Louise. Cases of apple juice winging their way to you very soon.

dropping science (and fruit)


We're making a new TV advert. The clever ones among you will be able to tell that it features fruit. Using the latest "dropping fruit from a rickety bit of scaffolding" technique, we are hoping to make something beautiful, entertaining and innocent in its nature.


Pete ("the best in the business") is looking after the fruit. He picks it, preens it and sometimes talks to it.


Helen is the director. She's firm but fair, and is guiding us towards sunlit uplands.


And the fruit just keeps rolling. Down chutes, from wires and pretty much every other way you can imagine that fruit could be propelled. We will stop at nothing until we have made fruit do every trick in the book.