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D is for... dinosaurs, diamonds and darts

Today's #alphabetchampions picture is brought to you by Me, the Man & the Baby who was championing the letter D.  


We'd love to see what you can find around the house that begins with the letter D.  Just upload a pic with the hashtags #innocent and #alphabetchampions to be in with a chance of winning some lovely magnet prizes

c for cheeky charlie

It's the third day of our #alphabetchampions challenge and we're celebrating the letter C.  Here's a little pic of a very charming Charlie from Bringing Up Charlie wearing his great-grandad's old railway cap.  We think he looks splendid.  

Why don't you C* what you can do this weekend?


*C what we did there?  It's terrible, sorry...

baking button biscuits

Yesterday we told you about the start of our innocent alphabet champions task, and today we bring you news of baking button biscuits, butterfly lunches and bird watching.  Take a look here to see how Here Come The Girls celebrated the letter B and the return of our in-pack kids magnets

Why don't you get involved too?  Just use the hashtags #innocent and #alphabetchampions and you'll be in with the chance of winning some magnets of your own.  Brilliant.

it's time to head back to the classroom

Time to pull your socks up, dust off your pencil case and practise your best handwriting.  

To get the new term off to a good start, we’re popping 3 limited-edition alphabet magnets in to all our boxes of kids’ drinks.  

To celebrate, we’re also challenging 26 brilliant bloggers to become our innocent alphabet champions.  Each day, one of them will celebrate one of the letters in the alphabet and take a picture of something that inspires them that represents their letter.  Here’s the very first picture, celebrating the letter A, from Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy


 We’d love it if you wanted to get involved too.  Just upload a picture and use the hashtags #innocent and #alphabetchampions to be in with the chance of winning a full set of alphabet magnets and your name magnets at the end of the 26 days.