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E is for... erm

It turns out that there aren't many fruits that begin with the letter E.  So we can't tell you how delicious an eggfruit is.  Let alone what an emu apple looks like, or when the Eastern May hawthorn is in season. 

But the letter E is still the most common in the English language, and so it's a brilliant letter to celebrate on the fifth day of our #alphabetchampions challenge.

Cafe Bebe took some pictures of everything to do with the letter E that inspired her and her family.  Take a look, and share some pics of what you like about the letter E using the hashtags #innocent and #alphabetchampions

Fruit fruit fruit

We're big fans of fruit here at innocent.  Whether it's whole, blended, squeezed, or juiced, we know it good it tastes and how good it is for you.  In fact, everything we make has to taste good and do good.  So there wasn't any question what day 6 (the letter F) of our #alphabetchampions would be celebrating.


Take a look and see what inspired Real Surburban Mummy and her family about the letter F.