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competititve Ethiopian honey market

emilie in ethiopia

I landed this morning in Addis Abeba, the capital of Ethiopia, with only a 2 hour delay. Not a bad start. Luckily this box made the airport queue slightly more entertaining.


We then spent the afternoon touring round the supermarkets to find out more about local honey products.


What was my surprise to find not 3, not even 4 but 5 different brands, none of which advertise the moisture content like ours does. Where does our Amar honey fit in this fierce competitive environment? We will find out over the next two weeks. And yes, the seats in the hotel lobby really are as comfortable as they look: I might suggist them to Ethiopian Airlines.


famous beekeepers

emilie in ethiopia

D - 1. My future friends the beekeepers have just sent over this little video. It's making me even more excited. I'm just concerned that when I meet Dessie on Monday, he won't be walking around with subtitles under him so now I'm off to brush up on my Amharic - language skills.

the Ethiopian honey is a winner

emilie in ethiopia

In preparation for my trip, I wanted to find out what people thought of the Ethiopian honey I'm going to be working on, so I organised a little taste test in the office: Amar honey vs UNC (Un-Named Competitor.) It got a bit messy in the kitchen but we have a clear winner 13 votes to 2:

Taste test

Olivia's reaction says it all: she didn't really like UNC.


But she liked Amar:

A good start to my honey-marketing project.

emilie in Ethiopia

emilie in ethiopia

After Helen's trip to India, Andrew's in Malawi and JT's in Kenya, on Friday, I'm off to Ethiopia for 2 weeks to work on a honey project with IDE one of the innocent foundation's partners. I am in the marketing team and am going out to help beekeepers in the North of the country with branding and marketing plans for their honey. A nice change from smoothies after nearly 5 years at innocent.


At the moment, the honey looks like this:
Amar honey

Is it that important to have the moisture content on the front of the label? This, along with other branding aspects, is one of the areas I'm going to look at. The beekeepers want to start selling their honey in supermarkets in Addis Abeba (and not just local markets in the North) so it's all about making sure the honey pots look as great as possible.

innocent foundation hats

Our very own innocent foundation guardian Linda made us some extra special foundation-themed hats.

The innocent foundation invests money in supporting people depending on subsistence agriculture so that they can build sustainable futures. The foundation funds projects in developing countries where we source fruit, and we use the UN Human Development Index to help us decide where the greatest need is.

But now, onto the hats...

You might want to go to the water pump to fill up your bucket to carry home.


Or start growing some new fruit and veg, tomatoes and sweetcorn.


But maybe you want to see the livestock, pet a cow, or feed a chicken.


But watch out for the toilets, and make sure you use sanitation.


You can read more about the innocent foundation here.