Thoughts from category: the history of innocent

uneasy rider


When Adam started innocent back in 1999 with his friends Richard and Jon, never in his wildest dreams did he dare imagine that one day he would be able to arrive at important meetings in Copenhagen in the box bit of the bikebox™, piloted by a girl called Niina.

Just call him Bikebox Balon*.

* that's his surname

our dark secret

We have something to share with you. We were going to try to keep it a secret forever but in the long run, it's better to share.

We used to be called Fast Tractor. Before we were innocent, the name of our smoothie company was Fast Tractor. We could go into a long-winded argument about why we chose that name and why it would have worked, but actually, thinking about it, if we'd stuck with Fast Tractor, I'm not entirely sure that we'd still be selling smoothies today.

Here's what the label looked like:


It had a big picture of a Fast Tractor on it. That's all we want to say right now.

indelibly etched


Just out for a walk at lunchtime and noticed that Felicitous has closed down. It was one of the first places to stock our drinks - I remember going down there on my bike to check on the drinks in the very early days. The lady (Felicity) who ran it gave me sandwiches on quite a few occasions, so I am forever in her debt.

Looks like they've gone off to do some non-deli stuff. Good luck.