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our eighth birthday party

Had a little trouble spelling eighth there. Quite a weird word when you look at it for too long.

Anyway, here are some pictures of our eighth birthday party. We had a good time.

Could you pass the crisps please?

Rich, Paul and Mark strike a catalogue pose

Mmm, cake

"You will not take my sandwich"

Martin the magician and his magic hands

Transfixed people check the magic

Beano plays Pass The Parcel


we are 8


Well, we're not eight yet, but nearly there. On Saturday 28th April we will have been selling drinks for eight years. We had a little party yesterday (pics to be posted soon) and ate jelly.

We also made a few limited edition t-shirts. If you'd like to win one, plus a couple of commemorative badges and a candy necklace (ooh), please tell us the best fact you know about the number eight. The provider of our favourite fact gets the stuff.


old haunts

Last Sunday I walked down the street where our first ever office was. Even though it's quite near my house I haven't been down there for a while.


It's an old bus depot called the Buspace, just off Ladbroke Grove in London. When we left that office there were seven of us. Now there are about 190. Things have changed since then.


This place used to be called Terry's Tuck Shop. We used to buy curry there at lunchtime. Terry and his family would be cooking out the back and you'd get whatever they'd made that day. It was shut when I walked past (Sunday morning) so I couldn't check to see if Terry was still there.


And this is our old front door. Don't know who's using that office now. Hope they're looking after the old place.

hard talk


Our Rich was on the telly the other night. Interviewed on the BBC's Hard Talk no less. He did pretty well, considering he was given a good grilling about us being an "annoyingly perky" company. You can watch it here.

Just so you know, when Richard isn't doing hard hitting business interviews, he dresses as an elf. He's pictured above, in the middle of his fellow innocent founders, Adam (Santa) and Jon (other elf).