Thoughts from category: the history of innocent

our new home

Today the doors opened at Fruit Towers III. We've moved a few miles up the road, from Shepherds Bush to Ladbroke Grove (weirdly, just across the road from our very first office). It was a bit of a wrench, seeing as we'd been in the last place for nearly 11 years.


Thankfully, everyone seems very happy with the new place. It'll take some time getting used to but we already feel like it's ours. Once all of our crates are unpacked and the teabags have been located, we're going to get along just fine.


We're posting our finest instagrammed photos here if you fancy looking at a few more nooks and crannies.


30 minutes with our Rich, on the telly


The other day our Rich had a chap called Matthew following him around along with a camera and sound crew. They let him know they were coming though so he didn't have to take out a restraining order. If you fancy watching 30 minutes of Rich's home life, him sharing a few business tips, telling a couple of old yarns and his monster table tennis smash then click here*. You can also get a first sneak peak of Fruit Towers 3 as an added extra.

*This link is only available on iPlayer until 3:59am Mon 16 Aug 2010, so be quick.

new tube

Here's some new stuff we've just found on the youtube vaguely related to us. One's a recreation of the founding moments of our company in the back of a car. The other is a magician who suddenly appeared at Fruit Towers one day. Not by real magic (like when Copperfield made an airplane disappear or Blaine stood on top of the London Eye), he called ahead and came in through the front door like a normal human being.

a window on our world


We were kindly pointed to this new page on the internet yesterday by one of our twitter friends, @sithlords. It's a truly marvelous thing that seems to find lots of pictures, videos, twitter things and web pages all to do with innocent, and then put them all into one big page.

We really like that it's a big mix of stuff we've made and stuff other people have made, along with old stuff and new stuff (pictures of our old bottles from six years ago next to twitter updates from a couple of minutes ago or example). Go and have a nose if you've got a minute.

our new book

We've just written a new book all about innocent.


We say just. We've actually been talking about writing one for the last few years but it took us a bit longer than we anticipated (lots of looking for old photos, trying to remember everything that's happened and what not).

Anyways, we finished it just after Christmas and it's now available in Waterstone's, Amazon and all the usual places.

In a nutshell, it's the story of our first ten years in business and is a book for anyone who wants to start their own business, bring fresh thinking to their current one or has been told their idea won't work.

After all, innocent is a business that almost didn't happen (we were turned down by every bank in the land) so we hope by telling our story we can encourage other people to have a go at doing their own thing too.

Even if starting a business isn't on your to do list, the book does a neat job of summing up our first ten years. And there are lots of pictures. Very important.

You can also watch this little film that the people from Waterstone's made when they came in for a look round.