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some inspiring ideas and tips

Our Rich’s new TV show, Be Your Own Boss, has got us thinking about what inspires us – and we asked you to tell us about your dreams, your tips and any advice you had. We've pulled them all together in a handy downloadable booklet which you can read right here:


rich and the dragon, part 2

Last night on BBC2, our Rich was put through his paces by Peter Jones, the dragon with the stripiest socks we've ever seen, on Peter's new show: How We Made Our Millions.

If you missed it and would like a nose around Fruit Towers and an insight in to how Rich, Jon and Adam run things (sometimes even with matching wardrobes), take a look on BBC iPlayer here:

We hope you like it - please do let us know what you think

richard and the dragon

Earlier this year, Rich bravely opened up his heart, soul and office to Peter Jones, the very shrewd (and very tall) dragon, for a brand new show called How We Made Our Millions.

It's all about Peter getting to know entrepreneurs, finding out what makes them tick, what drives them to be successful, and how organised their stationary cupboard really is.

Peter popped in to Fruit Towers to have a nose around, chat to the people who work here, and get a better understanding of why Rich (and Jon and Adam) run things the way they do.

He also brought his camera mates along and you can see Dan's yellow outfit, Rich giving a dragon fashion tips and Peter being a little bit scared of Oli's ankles on Wednesday night at 9pm on BBC2.

Peter Jones

And if you've ever wanted to ask Rich a question, just post it our Facebook wall ( as he's going to be answering them all straight after the show.

some things about our new home you might not know

We're really starting to like our new pad. We've got some slightly scary geese for neighbours, we're next to a canal, there's plenty of tea, and we no longer have to lie about living in a tower because we actually do.

All that aside though, there are a few other things which help make it a bit special.

Fruit towers

Firstly it's a brand new BREEAM 'good' building, which means it has internationally recognised good environmental credentials. The 'good' rating means it's well insulated with good air circulation and energy efficient lighting, among other things.

Last leaver pulls lever

There's also this rather nifty and satisfying lever to pull if you happen to be the last person to leave your floor at night. Pulling this turns off the circuit which powers all our lamps, monitors and phone chargers while leaving everything else (which is on a second circuit) alone. So there's absolutely no danger of it shutting down the servers and all that other essential stuff.

Fresh air time

Even more exciting is this little light which comes on when the temperature outside is equal to the temperature we want inside, cutting the air conditioning off. The fancy name for it is mixed mode cooling, and when it happens it means it's time to open the windows, check out what the geese are up to and embrace the fresh air. We've also been known to do a little celebratory dance.

If the light is green run for your life

Then we have this very useful light which will let us know if the world is coming to an end and we need to make a sharp exit. It hasn't come on yet but when it does, we'll be ready.


We'll probably head straight for the helipad.

when you're writing a book...

We have a new book coming out soon. It will be introduced properly on this blog and elsewhere shortly, but before it gets to the shops, we just wanted to share a modern day parable.

If you're ever writing a book, and the deadline is looming, and your publisher is rightly asking you when it all might be ready, and the printers are getting impatient, and the boss is getting nervous, and you're wondering if you really have enough time to get everything done, don't fret. Just look at this photo and you will realise that whatever hurdles you must hurdle, whatever mountains you must climb, you can succeed. It will happen if you summon the positive mental strength. Pull the sledge.