Thoughts from category: the big knit

a very special delivery

The lovely Elaine and her mum popped in to fruit towers yesterday to deliver Elaine's contribution to this year's Big knit - a whopping one thousand hats. We were busy knitting away at lunchtime when our needle work was blown out of the water by the sheer magnitude of Elaine's efforts. It took her a year and every one of them is perfect. She knits whilst watching the telly and doesn't even need to look at what she's doing. Needless to say we were in awe. 




the big knit - purl of fame #1

The Purl of Fame – best of the Big Knit - #1 Herbert Hoodie

Allow us to introduce Herbert Hoodie knitted by the marvellous Rachel Phillips. Herbert stormed to victory as a hat of the week in September 2009. Rachel, you have our undying admiration and a place in the coveted Purl of Fame. 

hat's amazing (sorry)

Marisa became so fond of our little hats during the Big Knit that she decided she wanted to see even more of them. Not content with just popping them on top of the cat ornaments on her mantlepiece or her hard boiled eggs, she made them into a very special advent calendar by embroidering numbers on each one. Apparently her friends are already putting their orders in for next year.

Marisa's advent calendar big knit hats

It sure beats the usual cardboard chocolate offerings and is a lovely way to make use of the hats when the drinks they once sat upon are nothing but a distant memory.

fancy getting your Christmas shopping sorted?

There's only a few days left to get your entries and votes into this year's big knit hat tag competition, and the chance to win £500 of Amazon vouchers. For each photo submitted we'll donate 10p to Age UK, and for each vote accumulated we'll donate an extra 5p. The top 3 crowning pictures will be announced this Friday at 11am. Just go here to submit your pictures. Look, even Kate's been getting in to the swing of it.


You'll still be able to submit photos and vote until Friday 9th December, raising money for Age UK each time you do, but there won't be another prize draw. Good luck, happy hat tagging, and thanks for supporting the Big Knit.